Calling All Artists - Make a Butterfly Sculpture for the New Bound Brook Storybook Trail

Calling All Bound Brook Artists!

Spread your wings and fly.

Calling All Bound Brook Artists

YOU CAN JOIN IN this Summer's Bound Brook community art project — a borough-wide Butterfly Sculpture-making event for the new *Bound Brook Storybook Trail*.

The Somerset County 4-H/ Middle Earth Student Ambassadors for Community Health Club (SACH) is working with the Bound Brook Town Council, Bound Brook REC Department, Bound Brook Community Garden Committee, and Bound Brook Arts Council on the site planning and revitalization of Maltex Park, located at the corner of Vosseller and West Main Street in Bound Brook, NJ. An element of the proposed project is to create a Story Book Trail accompanied by 3D large sculptural butterflies throughout Bound Brook leading to the park.

To represent the rebirth of the park and the metamorphosis of the town of Bound Brook, the butterfly has been selected as the mascot for this new community project. As caterpillars change into butterflies, Bound Brook is currently changing and evolving into a town which embraces change, diversity, and community. By adding art through creative placemaking around town and leading to Maltex park, SACH hopes to contribute to the positive changes taking place in Bound Brook, as well as encourage pride in our community.

A Community Metamorphosis