A Healthier Somerset Initiative to make Bound Brook & South Bound Brook Healthier & Stronger Communities.


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"Building Bridges to Better Health" is working towards more free and low-cost programs.

Free/Low-Cost Programs


"Building Bridges to Better Health" is working towards more free and low-cost programs.


  • Bound Brook launched a community garden in the spring of 2019, and South Bound Brook plans to start a community garden at the Abraham Staats House.

  • Both towns are exploring options for a Farmer’s Market. A Farmer’s Market voucher program has helped improve residents’ access to fresh produce for the past 3 years.

  • Produce was donated to the Salvation Army Food Pantry in Bound Brook for the past 3 years. Duke Farms donates the food, and the Sheriff’s Office delivers it.

  • The After-School Discount Program allows families to apply for a subsidy based on need.

  • Many free programs are available in the community, including workshops on nutrition, diabetes, breast health, bike safety, and more.


The communities have a strong interest in wellness programming if it is:

  • Local — Offered in one's hometown.

  • Free or Low Cost — Cost is a major obstacle.

  • Hosted by a Trusted Source — This was especially important for senior citizens and Latino families.

  • Focused on the Audience — Dedicated to the particular needs of the audience (e.g. senior programs for older residents, classes for Latino parents with school-aged children, etc.)

Performance Goals

  • Increase the level of free or low-cost programming at local "trusted" sources with focus on school-aged children, senior citizens and Latino families.

  • Continuously assess local policies and changes in needs of the community that affect provision of appropriate services.