A Healthier Somerset Initiative to make Bound Brook & South Bound Brook Healthier & Stronger Communities.


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"Building Bridges to Better Health" is working towards more school-based programs.

Expanded School-Based Programs


"Building Bridges to Better Health" is working towards more school-based programs.


  • The AWARE committee focuses on mental health at Bound Brook High School (also serves students from South Bound Brook). They host workshops for students, families, and teachers during the school year.

  • Safe+Sound Somerset is coordinating trainings on trauma-informed practice for Bound Brook High School.

  • Bound Brook High School is working toward hosting a part-time counseling service for students and community members. They are also exploring funding options for starting a community health clinic.


The communities see schools as trusted places. Schools in Bound Brook and South Bound Brook are enthusiastic partners in promoting health and well-being. They are eager to support and host programs and services to achieve these goals. These include programs to help schools address trauma and other challenges that students face.

Performance Goals

  • The Bound Brook and South Bound Brook School Districts will have functional health and wellness committees, adopted quantitative and goal-based health and wellness strategic plans along with corresponding implementation strategies.

  • Every student in the Bound Brook and South Bound Brook School Districts will have access to affordable and timely physical and mental health care, including routine preventive care, specialty physical care, routine preventive dental care, routine vision care and acute and sub-acute mental health care as needed.