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“Building Bridges to Better Health” is working towards better transportation options to support health and well-being.

Transportation Options

"Building Bridges to Better Health" is working toward better transportation options to support health and well-being.


We worked with the Rutgers Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy to prepare a detailed Pedestrian and Bicycle Travel Plan for the two towns:

  • Part 1 (overview of towns and school districts, existing conditions mapping)

  • Part 2 (walking and biking assessments)

  • Part 3 (implementation strategies, placemaking recommendations, grants, policies, economic benefits)


  • All elementary and middle schools in both towns received gold-level awards in 2019 from RideWise and NJDOT for “Safe Routes to School” efforts that help students walk and bike safely. For example, schools have “walking school buses” to promote walking to school in groups.

  • The street in front of Smalley School was re-striped with bus parking, ADA spots, and “no parking” zones to improve safety for students.

  • The 4-H/Middle Earth Student Ambassadors for Community Health painted street murals, improved crosswalks, and built a “parklet” to improve walkability and sense of community.

  • RideWise held a bike rodeo in 2019 to help kids learn bike safety. The police distributed free bikes and helmets to kids who attended.

  • Both towns have prioritized “Complete Streets”, which are roads designed for all users, including walkers, bikers, drivers, and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

  • The towns have installed bike racks and benches to promote biking and walking.


We heard about many transportation challenges in the two communities:

  • Because of the geography of the region, it helps to have a car to access basic services. This can be a challenge for some senior citizens and Latino families who either cannot or do not drive or have a car.

  • Barriers to walking and biking in the two communities, which could be addressed through improvements in sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting, and traffic calming.

  • Limited availability of transportation services, especially for seniors and Latino families.

Performance Goals

  • Communities will be easy and safe for walking and biking.

  • Residents will increase their walking and biking.

  • Adequate and varied transportation services will be available to support resident needs.

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